We had the best time working with Mr. S. to build his new Ocean 37 Express, and the result was a gorgeous boat set up for fishing in comfort and style. The crew of the new Atlantic Blast just filled us in on their first fishing tournament – the 2015 Hyannis Tuna Fest. Mr. S. reported:

“We came in 4th place in the tournament and 3rd place in the Calcutta pool. 43 boats. We caught 16 bluefin. The biggest was 95lbs.

150lb Big Eye, White Marlin also caught 110 inch Blue Marlin. Estimate over 400lbs and about 15 Mahi. Out at the canyons.”

Getting pictures like these of our clients getting out and really enjoying their boats is without a doubt one of the best parts of what we get to do every day. We can’t wait to see what the crew of Atlantic Blast does for the rest of the season!