The yard is busy with late fall maintenance projects, and boats coming to us for long winter refits. One of our customers with a 2012 42 Viking Express we recently sold them decided there were a few custom touches they wanted to add to the boat before bringing her south. The projects include:

  • Custom Fusion and JL Audio A/V system which included all new speakers / amps / sub woofers / Head Unit
  • New Windlass and Anchor Roller that had to be cut into the fiberglass Toe Rail
  • The biggest of the projects was a complete Awlgrip hull paint job to add some color. This is the project I will highlight in this post.

We started the project by hauling the boat, washing the hull and then sanding as seen here:




After sanding, removing engine room vents, and the transom door the fun really begins. We moved her into the building to start building the negative pressure tent around the hull – As you can see we used what ended up being four box fans with Air Conditioner Filters in front of them to pull air out and create negative pressure. On the other end of the tent we also used Air Conditioned Filters to filter the air being drawn into the booth. You will see in the last picture that the sides of the tent are drawn in:




was taped and prepped, the boat received another chemical wipe down and tack. She was now ready for the Three coats of Awlgrip Primer. We used alternating colors to make sure each coat was even. First coat grey, second coat white, third coat Grey. Since the primer coats were applied on a Friday, we let the primer dry over the weekend. Monday morning it was back to sanding. Using alternating primer colors also helps in this step, as you sand you can see high and low spots as you go.

After the Awlgrip primer is thoroughly sanded, we replaced the plastic flooring in the tent, and then wiped the boat down a few more times with tack cloth. Next step is to tape off the boot bottom portion (customer wanted a white stripe between the top of the bottom paint and the bottom of the boot stripe) of the Hull. We will cover the over spray when we tape off the boot stripe and paint the hull. Here are a few pictures showing the primed hull and the dark blue boot stripe being applied. You will also see in one photo how well the Air Conditioner Filter’s are at preventing over spray from leaving the tent.





After re-taping and a final wipe down, we started applying the Awlgrip:



After letting her sit in the building over the weekend, here she is coming out!


Here are a few Photos taken when the owner picked the boat up. The paint job was perfect and the owner was thrilled: