Hatteras Yachts 2017 45EX

This yacht is one of those yachts that makes you look at least twice, but you may also find it’s just hard to look away at all.  It takes your breath away a little to see the lines, the Palma blue hull color, the attention to detail.  It’s nothing short of a work of art.

And what a compliment it is to have a customer return to you again and again and again (this is the fifth boat purchase/sale in seven years with Intrinsic).  The bonus for us is how much we enjoy working with Mr. F!

The last new boat Mr. F built with us was a beautiful Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge.  When he decided he wanted to move back to inboard diesels, we started looking at all of his options.  After looking at his options with brokerage boats, brands we carry and competitors’ lines, he ultimately set his sights on a new Hatteras 45EX.

You can find “GROSS MARGIN” between the Chesapeake Bay and the Bethany Beach area of Delaware.  And Mr. F might just give you a little tour of his new pride and joy.



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