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From hull design and propulsion to on-board connectivity and interior design, a commitment to innovation fuels every aspect of our luxury motor yacht and convertible sport fishing yacht business. And in the process, we’re creating a legacy for others to chase and an unmatched experience for a fortunate few to enjoy.

A Hatteras Yacht does not aspire to offer a luxury. That is simply where we begin. It is beyond that point – and within the experience each voyage offers – that you begin to understand the true Hatteras difference. That difference, for over half a century, has allowed Hatteras to stand as the benchmark of quality and innovation to which all others aspire.


If you seek luxury and unsurpassed quality from design to implementation in a motor yacht, then Hatteras Yachts is the only choice.  If you are a sportsman who lives for the thrill of reeling in a prize winning catch and also wants your companions to experience the finest appointments on the journey to the fishing grounds, then Hatteras Yachts is the only choice.

Contact Intrinsic Yacht & Ship today to discover why Hatteras Yachts has represented the ultimate experience on the water for nearly 60 years.

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100 Raised Pilot House

GT 70

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GT 45X Flybridge

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