Hull Paint – Ocean 37 Express – Awlgrip

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A few years back we had the pleasure of working with one of our clients to build an Ocean 37 Express, and, when the time came to move up to a larger boat, he asked us to help get her sold. Within a day we had a contract and were able to settle the deal quickly.

The boat was in fantastic condition, both because it was relatively new and because the previous owner is a stickler for details, especially when it comes to his boats. There wasn’t a lot that needed or could be done to improve her, but the new owner wanted something to set his boat apart from most. He ultimately decided that he didn’t want a white boat, and we began the process of planning for a new hull paint job.

After deciding on his color of choice (Anniversary Silver), he brought the boat to our service yard and we got her set up for painting inside the building. We built a negative pressure tent around the boat, and, as you can see from the pictures below, this is no easy task.




It is incredibly exciting to watch the progress of a boat’s hull being painted. From each layer of primer to each layer of paint, the boat changes before your eyes. The metal flake in this color made this job that much more exciting. The sheen with each layer grew, and it was clear early on that this boat was going to turn heads.




I will say that if we had to find a down side to this color, it would be that it’s rather unforgiving. Any flaw in the prep work would have been glaringly obvious, but our paint/fiberglass crew can truly be called “artists,” and the final product was phenomenal. The only other negative about this color is that it can be difficult to photograph just how stunning the color is in person. It’s striking. But the photos above really do give a good indication of the shine and smooth finish.