Hull Painting – Completed Sailboat Project

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Hull paint AlexsealHull paint AlexsealHull paint Alexseal

Hull painting may just be our favorite of all of the upgrades we complete on our clients’ boats. There are few updates that you can have done to your boat to drastically change and improve the look of your boat as much as fresh hull paint.

This boat came to us looking tired and showing her age. The paint was faded, the vinyl striping was cracked and the gelcoat had chips and cracks throughout. It took many hours of prep work to get her to the point where we could even think about beginning the primer layer. There’s a photo below, but you can get see more of what we started with on our previous blog post and what our process was to begin restoring the hull paint to a vibrant shine. Freedom Paintjob Before

We tented and began the process of hull painting. After numerous coats of paint, the end result was a truly stunning classic boat.

Hull paint AlexsealHull paint Alexseal