Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge – Model Spotlight

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Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge

Jupiter has long been known for their attention to detail and excellent fit and finish on their center consoles.  The introduction of the 41 Sport Bridge in 2013 brought Jupiter Marine to a whole different level.

We were in a unique position to work with our client who bought hull #1 of this model.  Being able to work closely between the buyer and the manufacturer allowed us to learn firsthand about this boat inside and out.  We were impressed from the beginning by the design, performance, and attention to detail that were integral to  the Sport Bridge.  NOTE: We have just listed hull #1 for sale- view the listing here.

This boat is sleek, sexy and turns heads whether at the docks or out on the water.


And she is equally as stunning when equipped with a tower for serious fish raising.


The accommodations are comfortable, functional and gorgeous.


Today we are working with another client to build his new 41 Sport Bridge, and we are expecting it to be nothing short of amazing.  This is the second new boat we’ve built with this client, and his selections have always proven to be on point.  Be sure to check back to follow along with the construction and see the photos of the completed boat.