Other companies may offer lower prices, but they will never offer superior service

Some of our most popular detailing services include:

  • Compounding, polishing and waxing to repair oxidized finishes
  • Wet sanding for rough and old finishes before compounding and polishing to a like-new shine
  • Teak restoration
  • Canvas cleaning and waterproofing
  • Metal polishing
  • Detailing hatches
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Yacht interiors including galley, carpet, salon, heads and leather cleaning

Boat detailing and cleaning is an essential component of your boat’s maintenance. When a boat’s cosmetic condition is neglected, not only does it imply that the rest of the maintenance has been neglected, but it can be exceptionally difficult and expensive to bring back to its original luster and shine. We have the experience and attention to detail necessary to keep your boat looking its best, as well as the know-how on restoring your boat’s appearance when your boat has begun to look less than pristine.

As a boat dealer, Intrinsic has years of experience with detailing both new and pre-owned boats for delivery to new owners. Many other companies who offer detailing operate with a focus on quantity, which can only lead to details being overlooked. We look at your boat as if it were our own and will settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Because we also have a crew that specializes in fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, there is no scratch, ding or void that will be a problem to correct.

Our professionally uniformed mobile detailing crew will service your boat at your dock anywhere from Annapolis to Baltimore, as well as other areas of Maryland, Northern Virginia, Metro DC and throughout in the Mid-Atlantic for all of these lines. We are also pleased to offer boat detailing service at our office/service location at the Bay Bridge Marina on Kent Island in Stevensville, MD where we have indoor space available so that your boat’s care isn’t dependent upon the weather.

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