Yamaha 350 – from Maintenance to New Power Head

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Our client was bringing his boat to us for a 100 hour service and some other items. The customer had said that his Stbd engine oil pressure alarm had sounded a few times. When our tech Chris hooked up the computer to the engine we indeed found that the oil pressure alarm had sounded 6 times over the past five hours of run time, and that the Knock Sensor had sounded an alarm twice. NOT GOOD. Once we cut open the oil filter and it was full of metal we knew the power head was shot. Yamaha sent us a new power head overnight, and here are shots of us stripping down the old block, and attaching to the new.

Yamaha is known for awesome outboard engines, and we want to let you know that they step up and stand behind their products. The best part is that, at the end of what could have been a nightmare for our client, he was ecstatic with the quality of service from Intrinsic’s service crew and Yamaha. We had the boat back to him in three days time!Yamaha-1