Intrinsic now offers Kohler Home Generators and services, providing a greater peace of mind during a power outage.

Having a Kohler home generator is ideal for backing up your home or business during a loss of power for any reason. Living in a coastal state can cause additional stress during bad weather, and particularly during hurricane season. A residential home generator keeps the lights on even when the power goes out. Intrinsic generators are installed outside the home or business, similar to an air conditioning unit. Within seconds of a power outage, the generator will turn on automatically, restoring power instantly, whether you’re home or away. Since these generators run on either propane or natural gas, there is never any refueling necessary.

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Many don’t realize the true cost of a power outage. Severe weather is the number one cause of power loss, from the hurricanes of summer to the ice storms of winter and everything in between. The frequency and severity of these outages has spiked over the past decade causing emotional and economic stress on many Americans. Outages can result in burst or frozen pipes, a flooded basement, the need for mold removal, food loss and the cost of alternative shelter. Having an Intrinsic home generator can save you from worry, inconvenience and cost.

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An Intrinsic generator is quiet and reliable while producing high quality power for your entire home during an outage. This includes the back up of large appliances such as the refrigerator/freezer to keep your food fresh, electronics to keep you connected, your heat/ac to keep you comfortable, water systems including toilets and a sump pump, and all lighting.

Intrinsic generator models range from 8.5 to 134 kilowatts models depending on the customer’s needs. In addition, Intrinsic generators have OnCue Generator management Systems, which allow users to view real-time power operation, manage your generator remotely, and get real-time status updates to your smart device. You’ll have the ability to monitor your system when you’re away on vacation, never again having to worry about the weather back home. Cause who wants to worry about the ice storm at home when you’re on the warm sunny beach?

Intrinsic has been providing reliable maritime services for over 15 years. We are committed to keeping our customers happy through the ongoing support and maintenance of all our products. Intrinsic’s residential generator line is no different. We are with you from start to finish and beyond, setting up an in-person consultation to best determine the best system for your home or business. Our team of Kohler certified technicians and in-house master electrician will work together to install these state of the art systems, providing ongoing maintenance and any troubleshooting you may require. We are involved for the whole life-cycle of the project, ensuring the satisfaction of every customer.


Our Kohler certified team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of installing an Intrinsic home generator for your home or business. Contact us today to set up a consultation and let the stress of potential power outages melt away.

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